Blog Post 3

The 2018 Real Estate Market Shift

We have all gotten used to the quick real estate market that has occurred for the past couple years. This market was fast paced, high priced and called a "sellers market". The sellers market is when there are few homes for sale and the sellers have more control and benefit because more people will be looking at their home because of the small amount of houses on market. End of 2017 and early 2018 I would consider a sellers market.

Recently this trend has seemed to shift. Now the real estate market is still very positive for both sellers and buyers because there is almost 2 months of inventory on the market. But now buyers are finally given a more little control because there are more houses on market.

This change is good. Whether you are a buyer or seller, this is the perfect time to list your home. Sellers are still getting an average of 99% of their asking price, it is just taking a few days longer to sell then how it was in the extremely fast-paced real estate market last year. Buyers are still benefitted because there are multiple homes that are active so they have options on homes to buy in their area. (notice the stats below).

Real Estate may have changed and evolved over the past few months but real estate is still one of the best investments in Canada.

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