Blog Post 1:

What would you say if I told you open houses are not effective ways of selling homes?

What?? But I thought open houses were the best way to sell a home?? Nope, not anymore.

The real estate market has changed in the last couple years and buyers are now coming in different ways.

First, open houses are often filled with neighbors who want to see in the home, people who were just driving buy and first time home buyers who want to get a feel for houses in their area. Furthermore, serious buyers don't wait for a Saturday afternoon to view a home through an open house, they will book a showing with a qualified agent any day for a private viewing.

Second, social media and marketing has become so developed in the last few years that make sharing the sale of a home has become such a public thing. The internet has become one of the top ways to advertise about a home sale. This is one of the ways that John Walkinshaw Real Estate shines above other agents in the area. With his verified and popular Facebook page, business Instagram page, and property YouTube videos he creates for every listing, people in the area are likely to hear about a listing with John Walkinshaw.

Third, out of town agents will send their clients to attend an open house on their own. The customers will love the home and make an offer without their agents ever stepping foot on the property. This can be problematic at closing time when misunderstandings or misrepresentations arise because of the uninvolved agent. With John, this would never happen. John ensures that he assists you and your family throughout the whole process of selling your home so that you are able to sell your home in less time, with less hassle, for more money.

As you can see in the chart above, realtor direct contact is the leading way to get buyers. Thankfully John Walkinshaw Real Estate has a great reputation with agents in his area because of his incredible negotiation skills, management styles and teamwork abilities.

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